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A Plucky Lad – Gallant Canal Rescue at Wombwell.

August 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 2, 1919

A Plucky Lad.

Gallant Canal Rescue at Wombwell.

A plucky rescue from drowning was effected, at Wombwell on Wednesday evening, by a thirteen-year-old lad Willie Wilkes, Park View, Broomhill Lane, Wombwell.

Harry Lilley, aged 4, son of Mr and Mrs A. Lilley, Park Street, Wombwell was playing on the towing path of the Dearne and Dove Canal,  near Broomhill Bridge, along with other children, and lying on his stomach to reach a fish he slipped head first into the water.

A woman who was standing near made frantic efforts to reach him, but without avail. At this point, the boy Wilkes appeared upon the scene, took off his jacket, plunged into the water and, after a struggle, succeeded in bringing the child to the side where he recovered consciousness on artificial respiration being applied.