A Party for Grandma

South Yorkshire Times January 25, 1958

A Party for Grandma

In honour of her 80th birthday, Mrs. Ada Firth, Brampton enjoyed a party on Friday, given by her daughter in law, Mrs. Hilda Firth, wife of Mr. Tom Firth, with whom”grandma” lives at 62, Knollbeck Lane.

Mrs.  Hilda Firth, who is on the left of this picture is well-known to patrons of the amateur theatre as a Wombwell Amateur Operatic Society lead. She will be taking the part of “Josepha” In the forthcoming production of “White Horse Inn”.

The cake which Mrs. Ada Firth is cutting was made by her 62-years-old sister, Mrs. Cissie Ball. Of Garden Drive, Brampton. She is wife of Mr. Joseph Ball, who recently retired from Cortonwood Coliery.

Mrs. Ada Firth is widow of Mr. Jabez Firth and for 55 years the couple lived in the same house in Brampton Road, Wombwell. Mrs. Firth moved to the home of her son 12 months ago.

She has two sons, one daughter, four grandchildren and five grandchildren.